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Case-insensitive URLs/routes

This works for symfony 1.2 and might be backwards compatible with 1.1 and 1.0, but I haven't tested it with those versions.

Place this file in an appropriate directory (eg. apps/myapp/lib/routing):


class sfRegexExtendedRoute extends sfRoute
  protected function compile()
    $return = parent::compile();
    // Case-insensitive matching (default symfony behaviour = NOT case-insensitive).
    if (isset($this->options['case_sensitive']) && !$this->options['case_sensitive'])
      // Make sure $this->regex is in the form "#...#[???]"
      // and that [???] does not already include "i" (the case-insensitive flag).
      if (($parts = explode('#', strrev($this->regex)))
          && 3 <= ($num_parts = count($parts))
          && '' == $parts[$num_parts-1]
          && false === strpos($parts[0], 'i'))
        $this->regex .= 'i';
    return $return;

Add the option case_sensitive: false in the route you want to make case-insensitive and set its class to sfRegexExtendedRoute:


  url:      /my/case/insensitive/url/:whatever
  options:  { case_sensitive: false }
  class:    sfRegexExtendedRoute

Clear your cache:

> php symfony cc

Your url matching for that route should now be case-insensitive.

Changing case_sensitive: false to case_sensitive: true in routing.yml will revert the matching for that route back to (symfony default) case-sensitive matching.

by Nickolas Daskalou on 2009-05-24, tagged caseinsensitive  casesensistive  expression  regex  regular  route  routes  routing