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Redirecting to referer on login whilst maintaining url parameters

Here is a very basic script which should come in handy to anyone trying to set up a login redirection (to the referer) whilst maintaining parameters being passed through the url.

Using $this->getRequest()->getReferer(); will only pass through the module and action.

  public function executeLogin()
    //This captures the referer's uri
    $referer = sfRouting::getInstance()->getCurrentInternalUri(true);
    if ($this->getRequest()->getMethod() != sfRequest::POST)
      $this->getRequest()->getParameterHolder()->set('referer', $referer);
  public function executeChecklogin()
    //if the referer isn't set, set it to the home page
    $referer = $this->getRequestParameter('referer', '@homepage');
    //if the referer is the login page itself, refer to the home page
    if($referer == 'user/login') $referer = '@homepage';
    return $this->redirect($referer);
by Daniel Graetzer on 2007-03-02, tagged login  redirection  referer