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Simulating a BETWEEN construct

This was asked on the forum, so I thought I would place it here too.


Suppose you have a model that resembles the following:

    start_date: {type: date}
    end_date: {type: date}

And you want to know the following: are there any records where either $date1 or $date2 is between start_date and end_date?

Consider that $date2 could be some fixed $offset from $date1, so that the question becomes: are there any records which partially cover the $offset period following $date1?

Using Criterion Objects

Since the BETWEEN construct is unavailable through Propel (at least not as an object or constant), we have to use the knowledge that:

  a >= x
  a <= y
  x <= a <= y

Which gives us:

$c = new Criteria();
$date1 = '2007-08-20';
$date2 = '2008-08-20';
// test against date1
$date1Criterion = $c->getNewCriterion(RangePeer::START_DATE, $date1, Criteria::LESS_EQUAL);
// test against date2
$date2Criterion = $c->getNewCriterion(RangePeer::START_DATE, $date2, Criteria::LESS_EQUAL);
// conjunction
$date1Criterion->addAnd($c->getNewCriterion(RangePeer::END_DATE, $date1, Criteria::GREATER_EQUAL));
$date2Criterion->addAnd($c->getNewCriterion(RangePeer::END_DATE, $date2, Criteria::GREATER_EQUAL));
// disjunction

Using Criteria::CUSTOM

Or if you absolutely must have your BETWEEN, try this:

$c = new Criteria();
$date1 = '2007-08-20';
$date2 = '2008-08-20';
$c->add(RangePeer::START_DATE, "'{$date1}' between ".RangePeer::START_DATE." and ".RangePeer::END_DATE, Criteria::CUSTOM);
$c->addOr(RangePeer::START_DATE, "'{$date2}' between ".RangePeer::START_DATE." and ".RangePeer::END_DATE, Criteria::CUSTOM);

Note that the first arguments to Criteria::add() and Criteria::addOr() can be any column, but they must be the same column.

Note also that when providing the argument, {$dateN} appears between single quotes. It must appear quoted (and escaped) in order for this query to return correct (or any) results.

by Jesse Dhillon on 2007-08-22, tagged between  criteria  criterion  date  mysql  propel  query  range 

select_range_tag() for admin generator

Sometimes you may want to give the user the possibility to select a certain range of numbers in a numeric field in the admin generator. An example would be a rating between 1 and 5. This is where this snippet comes in handy.

Add the helper code below to one of your helper groups, that preferably is included in your standard_helpers. Then you can use it like in your generator.yml like follows:

      display: [..., percentage, ...]
        percentage: { type: select_range_tag, params: min=0 max=100 step=5 }

Supplying a step is optional, it defaults to 1.

Helper code:

function select_range_tag($name, $selected, $options)
  $options = _parse_attributes($options);
  $select_options = range(_get_option($options, 'min', 1), _get_option($options, 'max', 5), _get_option($options, 'step', 1));
  return select_tag($name, options_for_select(array_combine($select_options, $select_options), $selected));
function object_select_range_tag($object, $method, $options = array(), $default_value = null)
  $options = _parse_attributes($options);
  $value = _get_object_value($object, $method, $default_value);
  return select_range_tag(_convert_method_to_name($method, $options), $value, $options);
by Martin on 2007-05-07, tagged admin  generator  input  range  select  tag