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Setting UTF-8 for Propel with MySQL tables

Since it can be annoying to have Propel ignore collation of tables in MySQL >= 4.1, you must force Propel to use UTF-8 collation by running the SET NAMES UTF8 SQL query.

In order to do that, you specify a filter that executes at every request. Specify the following code in filters.yml:

  class: myUtf8ConnectionFilter
  activate: on

Create a new file called myUtf8ConnectionFilter.class.php in your application's lib folder and insert the following code:

class myUtf8ConnectionFilter extends sfFilter
  public function execute($filterChain)
    $con = Propel::getConnection();
    if ($con){
       $con->executeQuery("set names utf8");
    } else {
      throw new Exception($e);

The code was copied from this website - I am not asserting any authorship.

by Klemen Slavič on 2006-06-19, tagged collation  propel  utf8