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or apply transformation on sfGuard tables into your main schema


When you generate a schema with sf_guard tables from your main database with the following command, the schema contains all the tables included the sf_guard tables (it's normal).

symfony propel-build-schema xml

Then after, when you build the model classes, the sfGuardPlugin classes have a wrong name and are in a wrong place (lib/). There is a post on this problem, how to correctly use propel-build-schema after sfGuardPlugin installation?

symfony propel-build-model


To correct the schema, apply the transformation on the XML schema after the schema generation :

symfony transform-schema-sfguard xml

The script add in the schema for all sf_guard_* tables, the package and the phpName with the camelcase used by the plugin.

Also you have to switch off the schema in the plugin to don't have twice declaration :

mv ./plugins/sfGuardPlugin/config/schema.yml ./plugins/sfGuardPlugin/config/

The script: myPakeTransformSchemaSfguard.php

pake_desc( 'apply transformation on sfGuard tables into your main schema' );
pake_task( 'transform-schema-sfguard', 'project_exists' );
function run_transform_schema_sfguard($task, $args) 
  // Check params
  // -- missing params ?
  if ( !count($args) > 1 ) {
    throw new Exception("You must provide a transformation to apply.\nsymfony transform-schema-sfguard\nsymfony transform-schema-sfguard xml");
  // -- schema exists ?
  if ($args[0] == 'xml')
    $schema_filename = sprintf( '%s/schema.xml', sfConfig::get('sf_config_dir') );
    if ( !file_exists($schema_filename) ) {
        throw new Exception( "Missing schema.xml" );
    $schema_filename = sprintf( '%s/schema.yml', sfConfig::get('sf_config_dir') );
    if ( !file_exists($schema_filename) ) {
        throw new Exception( "Missing schema.yml (not yet implemented)" );
    } else {
        throw new Exception( "schema.yml not yet implemented" );
  // Backup schema
  //pake_copy( $schema_filename, $schema_filename . '.previous', array('override' => true) );
  if ($args[0] == 'xml')
    $handle = fopen($schema_filename, "r");
    // get the entire file in $contents
    $contents = '';
    while (!feof($handle))
      $contents.= fread($handle, 8192);
    $num = preg_match_all('/<table(.*)>/i', $contents, $matches);
    // each table definition found
    foreach ($matches[0] as $val)
      if (!preg_match('/package|phpName/i', $val) && preg_match('/name="(sf_guard_.+?)"/i', $val, $val_matches)) {
        $table_name = $val_matches[1];
        //$php_name   = sfInflector::camelize($val_matches[1]);
        $php_name = sfToolkit::pregtr($val_matches[1], array('#/(.?)#e'   => "'::'.strtoupper('\\1')",
                                                             '/(_)(.)/e'  => "strtoupper('\\2')",
                                                             '/(^)(.)/e'  => "strtolower('\\2')"));
        $pattern    = '/(<table.*)(name="'.$table_name.'")(.*>)/i';
        $replace    = '$1$2 package="plugins.sfGuardPlugin.lib.model" phpName="'.$php_name.'" $3';
        $contents   = preg_replace($pattern, $replace, $contents, 1, $count);
    // write the result
    $handle = fopen($schema_filename, "w+");
    fwrite($handle, $contents);


Put the myPakeTransformSchemaSfguard.php script into data/tasks directory


mv ./plugins/sfGuardPlugin/config/schema.yml ./plugins/sfGuardPlugin/config/
symfony propel-build-schema xml
symfony transform-schema-sfguard xml
symfony propel-build-model
by Olivier LOYNET on 2008-04-09, tagged cli  pake  propel  schema  sfguard 

exclude tables from propel-build-schema

The following patch will help you exclude the schema generation of certain tables when running propel-build-schema.

This might come in handy when you use propel-build-schema along with plugin schemas.

edit $sf_symfony_lib_dir/vendor/propel-generator/classes/propel/phing/PropelCreoleTransformTask.php

    protected function createDatabaseNode($dbInfo) {
        $this->log("Processing database");
        $node = $this->doc->createElement("database");
        $node->setAttribute("name", $dbInfo->getName());
        if ($vendorNode = $this->createVendorInfoNode($dbInfo->getVendorSpecificInfo())) {
        global $schema_exclude_pattern;
        $pattern = $schema_exclude_pattern;
        $this->log("Exclude pattern : ".$pattern);
        // create and add table nodes
        foreach($dbInfo->getTables() as $table) {
            if (preg_match($pattern,$table->getName()))
                $this->log("Skipping : ".$table->getName()." ( matches exclude pattern )");
            $tableNode = $this->createTableNode($table);
        return $node;

pattern provided via the $schema_exclude_pattern variable which can be set in config.php (kinda ugly but it works)


// symfony directories
$sf_symfony_lib_dir  = '/bridge/lib/symfony/1.0/lib';
$sf_symfony_data_dir = '/bridge/lib/symfony/1.0/data';
// skips schema creation for tables which name matches the following pattern 
// when executing propel-build-schema
$schema_exclude_pattern = "/^sf_guard.*/i";
by Kostas Papadimitriou on 2007-12-15, tagged creole  database  generation  propel  propelbuildschema  schema 

foreignkey to sf_guard_user

if you won´t to add a foreignkey to sf_guard_user put this on top off you schema.yml file ;)

  _attributes :          { package: "plugins.sfGuardPlugin.lib.model" }
    _attributes:         { phpName: sfGuardUser }

now you can simple add a foreignkey

    user_id:             { type: integer, primaryKey: true, foreignTable: sf_guard_user, foreignReference: id, onDelete: cascade }


by Gordon Franke on 2007-04-27, tagged database  foreignkey  model  plugin  propel  schema  security  user  yml 
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