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subqueries with criteria

I haven't found a way to use subqueries as alias with criteria in the book.

Here is a small piece of code that works very well:

the subquery is in an alias defined by Criteria::addAsColumn($alias, $expr)

it can be used to order the result, or in case you have to deal with foreign keys, etc.

$c = new Criteria();
$c->addAsColumn('brandname', '(SELECT FROM brand WHERE');
$this->products = ProductPeer::doSelect($c);

Product has a brand_id that references the id key of the brand table that contains the 'name' field which is used to order the result.

Patrice Blanchardie

by noname noname on 2008-01-26, tagged criteria  order  propel  sql  subquery 

Little trick to randomize results

More a PHP trick than symfony's one, but as you can't with propel randomize order of results, just do:

$c = new Criteria()
... fill your criteria there ...
$result = MyTablePeer::doSelect($c);

obvious? sorry, seen someone asking on IRC once :D

by Romain Dorgueil on 2006-05-29, tagged column  criteria  database  order  propel  random