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Change propel connections at runtime

Setting the datasource and adapter for the connection "$name" at runtime. Calling Propel::initialize() will load the necessary database adapters and clear any open connections.

$dsn = Creole::parseDSN('mysql://localhost/symfony');
$c = Propel::getConfiguration();
$c['datasources'][$name]['connection'] = $dsn;
$c['datasources'][$name]['adapter']    = $dsn['phptype'];
by Jean Elsner on 2007-11-29, tagged change  connection  propel  runtime 

Select a database dynamically

In app/lib/ create a file named myDBConnectionFilter.class.php and add:

class myDBConnectionFilter 
  public function initialize($filterChain) 
    $db = sfContext::getInstance()->getDatabaseManager()->getDatabase('myschema');
    $db->setConnectionParameter('username', 'myusername');
    $db->setConnectionParameter('password', 'mypassword');
    $db->setConnectionParameter('hostspec', 'localhost');
    $db->setConnectionParameter('database', 'mydatabase');
    // The below line is optional - Symfony will connect anyway if no connection is present

Then declare this filter to run on every page load by adding this to app/config/filters.yml:

  class: myDBConnectionFilter

Finally, Symfony will fail at the call above


because it does not know what type of database driver 'myschema' requires (MySQL/SQLite/etc.). You must add the following to app/config/databases.yml:

    class:          sfPropelDatabase
      phptype:            mysql

You can now dynamically select databases from the above class.

by Darren Schreiber on 2006-06-22, tagged connection  database  dynamic  multiple  propel  select 
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Change database connection settings dynamically

To modify the settings of a connection named 'propel':

$con = sfContext::getInstance()->getDatabaseConnection('propel');
$con->setConnectionParameter('username', 'foo');
$con->setConnectionParameter('password', 'bar');

This works for all the settings that can be defined in the databases.yml (more info in the sfPropelDatabase class source).

You must execute this code before the first query to the database. If you do that after a first query, it fails. This means that the best way to implement it is in a filter.

by Francois Zaninotto on 2006-06-20, tagged connection  database  propel 
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