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Using timers to profile functions speed

This snippet allows you to evaluate functions speed and display them in symfony debug bar.

$timer = sfTimerManager::getTimer ('ldap_request'); // Create and start a new timer
// do some stuff
$timer->addTime (); // stop and store the timer value
by Arnaud Didry on 2009-06-22, tagged performance  profile  speed 

Create profile after adding a new user, the simple way.

Sometimes if you use sfGuardUser and sfGuardUserProfile you need to create an empty profile just after adding the new user (automating is such a great thing). This snippet will help out.

UPDATE: Will Killian pointed me to the solution of using this without touching the plugin files, this way it will still work after upgrading the plugin. Thanks!

Edit apps/backend/modules/sfGuardUser/actions/actions.class.php

(create directories and files as needed, just for the record I use this with admin generator on "backend" app)

Mine looks like this.

class sfGuardUserActions extends BasesfGuardUserActions
  protected function savesfGuardUser($sf_guard_user)
    $user_id = $sf_guard_user->getId();
    $c = new Criteria();
    $profile = sfGuardUserProfilePeer::doSelectOne($c);
    if(!$profile) {
      $profile = new sfGuardUserProfile();
by Roberto Carvajal on 2007-10-30, tagged profile  sfguard  user