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package.xml file structure generator for plugins

It can be a hassle to write a package.yml for a plugin if it contains many files. Fortunately, with the help of the sfFinder class and a bit of programming, you can automate the generation of the <content> part in a batch.

Create a batch/package_generator.php with the following code:

define('SF_ROOT_DIR',    realpath(dirname(__FILE__).'/..'));
define('SF_APP',         'frontend');
define('SF_ENVIRONMENT', 'prod');
define('SF_DEBUG',       false);
$line          = array();
$lines         = array();
$previous_dirs = array();  
$files         = sfFinder::type('file')->relative()->in('path/to/plugin/files');
// Prepare the list of files for nice hierarchy
foreach($files as $file)
  $file = str_replace('\\', '/', $file);
  $dirs = explode ('/', $file);
  $line['filename'] = array_pop($dirs);
  $temp_dirs = $dirs;
  foreach($dirs as $dir)
    if($previous_dirs && $dir == $previous_dirs[0])
  foreach($dirs as $dir)
    $line['open'][] = $dir;        
  foreach($previous_dirs as $dir)
    $line['close'][] = $dir;        
  $lines[] = $line;
  $line = array();
  $previous_dirs = $temp_dirs;
$blanks = 0;
<?php foreach($lines as $line): ?>
<?php if(isset($line['close'])): ?>
<?php foreach($line['close'] as $dir): ?>
<?php echo str_repeat('  ', --$blanks) ?></dir>
<?php endforeach; ?>
<?php endif; ?>
<?php if(isset($line['open'])): ?>
<?php foreach($line['open'] as $dir): $counter++ ?>
<?php echo str_repeat('  ', $blanks++) ?><dir name="<?php echo $dir ?>">
<?php endforeach; ?>
<?php endif; ?>
<?php echo str_repeat('  ', $blanks) ?><file name="<?php echo str_replace('\\', '/', $line['filename']) ?>" role="data"/>
<?php endforeach; ?>

Just run it with

> php batch/package_generator.php

and paste the output in your package.xml. That's all.

by Francois Zaninotto on 2007-01-04, tagged batch  package  plugin 

Create your own symfony PEAR package

Sometimes, you want to create your own symfony PEAR package from the current trunk or from a particular branch. Or perhaps you did a checkout of the trunk and did some changes.

It's very simple to create your own PEAR package from such a directory:

pake release 0.8.1 stable

and pake will create a symfony PEAR package with the version 0.8.1.

You will now be able to install this with the pear command line tool:

pear install symfony-0.8.1.tgz
by Fabien Potencier on 2006-08-23, tagged installation  package  pear 
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