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Tired to type "php symfony" in your terminal ?

Yeah, so am I.

Here's how to create a "sf" command in your terminal that will do exactly the same job than when you use the "php symfony xxx" command.

There's many ways to do it, here's mine, it should works on all unix systems.

In the "/usr/bin" directory, create an "sf" file with this content :

#!/usr/bin/env php
// This file provides the cli "sf" shortcut instead of "php symfony" in syfony projects
if (file_exists('config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php'))
  $dir = sfCoreAutoload::getInstance()->getBaseDir();
  die('You must be in a symfony project directory.'."\n");

Be carefull, don't forget the first line !

Now, open the rights on execution for the file: "sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/sf"

That's it, you're done. Go in a symfony project and try your brand new "sf" command in your terminal.

May the laziness be with you !


Pedro Casado has reported in comments a cleaner method that uses the native bash configuration file :

It worked pretty great for me.


by Éric Rogé on 2009-10-27, tagged cli  lazy  terminal