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Navigation Jump Menu Drop Down

If you want to have a quick drop down (select) menu that automatically takes users to a specific page on your site, this method works well and results in clean URLS. This snippet is for content / urls stored in a database.

There may be a better way to do this, so suggestions are welcome!

First, set up a route like this:

  url: content/:title
  params: { module: content, action: show }

That way we can have urls like "content/about" or "content/news". (Note you will want to make sure your content titles are URL friendly themselves, perhaps using a stripped_title field instead of the title field that is parsed to replace spaces and punctuation.)

In the peer class of the "content" table we want to create a method we can use to populate our jump menu:

public static function getUrlOptions()
  $options = array();
  $c = new Criteria();
  $contents = ContentPeer::doSelect($c);
  foreach ($contents as $content) {
    $url = sfContext::getInstance()->getController()->genUrl('content/show?id='.$content->getId());
    $options[$url] = $content->getTitle();
  return $options;

in the template we rely on those options and create a select menu with a javascript behavior:

Jump to: <?php echo select_tag('title', options_for_select(ContentPeer::getUrlOptions(), $currentContentUrl), array('onchange'=>'window.document.location = this.value')) ?>

And finally, in the action we store the current url so we can have it pre-selected in the jump menu on the subsequent page:

    $this->content = ContentPeer::retrieveByTitle($this->getRequestParameter('title'));
    $this->currentContentUrl = $this->getController()->genUrl(sfRouting::getInstance()->getCurrentInternalUri());

You now end up with a select menu like this:

<select name="category" onchange="...">
  <option value="/content/news">News</option>
  <option value="/content/sports">Sports</option>

Selecting an option from the list will redirect your visitor to the URL stored as the option value.

by scott meves on 2007-04-09, tagged jump  menu  select