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Extending fix-perms

Sometimes we need more or different folders to be fix-permed. Mine is an easy hack, but having symfony freezed its not that ugly. The file is: /data/symfony/tasks/sfPakeMisc.php (line 41++)

function run_fix_perms($task, $args)
  $sf_root_dir = sfConfig::get('sf_root_dir');
  // just added this line for a folder
  pake_chmod("batch/any/folder", $sf_root_dir, 0777);
  pake_chmod(sfConfig::get('sf_cache_dir_name'), $sf_root_dir, 0777);
  pake_chmod(sfConfig::get('sf_log_dir_name'), $sf_root_dir, 0777);
  pake_chmod(sfConfig::get('sf_web_dir_name').DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.sfConfig::get('sf_upload_dir_name'), $sf_root_dir, 0777);
  pake_chmod('symfony', $sf_root_dir, 0777);
  $dirs = array(
    // and this for chmoding files inside:  
    sfConfig::get('sf_root_dir') . "/batch/any/folder",  
  $dir_finder = pakeFinder::type('dir')->ignore_version_control();
  $file_finder = pakeFinder::type('file')->ignore_version_control();
  foreach ($dirs as $dir)
    pake_chmod($dir_finder, $dir, 0777);
    pake_chmod($file_finder, $dir, 0666);

Perhaps somebody uses a more elegant way ... ;)

Accessing just via:

> symfony fix-perms
by Axel Bernhardt on 2007-08-02, tagged fixperms  pake  task