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doctrine_admin_double_list in Symfony 1.2

When working with the admin generator in Symfony 1.2, I found I could no longer use the doctrine_admin_double_list field type. After hours of searching, I finally figured out how to get this functionality back. It can no longer be done from the generator.yml file, instead you need to modify your table's form class, e.g. lib/form/doctrine/XXXForm.class.php:

class XXXForm extends BaseXXXForm
  public function configure()
    $this->widgetSchema['field_name'] = new sfWidgetFormDoctrineChoice(array(
      'model'           => 'ModelName',
      'add_empty'       =>  false,
      'renderer_class'  => 'sfWidgetFormSelectDoubleList',

This requires the sfFormExtraPlugin plugin to be installed.

I assume this will work equally well with Propel. See symfony Forms in Action for more info.

by Ryan Hayle on 2009-04-02, tagged admindoublelist  doctrine  doctrineadmindoublelist  manytomany