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Get a propel record set via associative

You might've noticed that the default behavior of propel is to use numeric retrieval when grabbing rows from the database, and it is hard to override this action.

Sure you can do a custom query, but if you want to use criteria methods instead, this class will be helpful in grabbing a a result set via associative (thus preserving your associative keys and making coding easier on you).

I'd consider this beta level code. It's worked twice for me, both when I had a complex join that I wanted to use criteria for but failed once on a simpler query.

I haven't been able to decode why exactly the failure occured yet.

*  @author: Kum Sackey
*  Defines extension to propel that tweak its core behavior
class sfPropelExtension
    * @desc Return a result select from a criteria object. Unlike the implementation in BasePeer::doSelect(), this version returns the result set in associative mode
    public static function getRSFromCriteria($criteria)
        if(!($criteria instanceOf Criteria))
            throw new sfException('Passed parameter must be an instance of criteria, instead is of type: '.gettype($c));
        $dbMap = Propel::getDatabaseMap($criteria->getDbName());
        $con = Propel::getConnection();            
        $params = array();
        $sql = BasePeer::createSelectSql($criteria, $params);
        $stmt = $con->prepareStatement($sql);            
        self::populateStmtValues($stmt, $params, $dbMap);                        
        $rs = $stmt->executeQuery($sql, ResultSet::FETCHMODE_ASSOC);  
        return $rs;        
     * Populates values in a prepared statement.
     * @param PreparedStatement $stmt
     * @param array $params array('column' => ..., 'table' => ..., 'value' => ...)
     * @param DatabaseMap $dbMap
     * @return int The number of params replaced.
    private static function populateStmtValues($stmt, $params, DatabaseMap $dbMap)
        $i = 1;
        foreach($params as $param) {
            $tableName = $param['table'];
            $columnName = $param['column'];
            $value = $param['value'];
            if ($value === null) {
            } else {
                $cMap = $dbMap->getTable($tableName)->getColumn($columnName);
                $setter = 'set' . CreoleTypes::getAffix($cMap->getCreoleType());
                $stmt->$setter($i++, $value);
by Kum Sackey on 2007-09-20, tagged associative  custom  propel  query