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Upload Image and generate thumbnails with Admin Generator

With admin generator you can have a field specified to be a uploading file. Then as it is written in the doc, you can wirte in your generator.yml :

        name: Picture
        type: admin_input_file_tag
        upload_dir: picture
        params: include_link=picture include_remove=true

Then the file will be uploaded in /upload/picture directory

But maybe you want to restrict the size of the picture or add different files for different picture sizes.

Then this is an easy way to generate thumbnails in subdirectories of the main upload directory specified.

Just add the following method to your action class and adapt :


  protected function updateProductFromRequest()
    $product = $this->getRequestParameter('product');
    $thumbnails[]=array('dir' => '16x16', 'width' => 16, 'height' => 16);
    $thumbnails[]=array('dir' => '32x32', 'width' => 32, 'height' => 32);
    if (!$this->getRequest()->hasErrors() && isset($produit['picture_remove']))
      foreach ($thumbnails as $thumbParam)
        $currentFile = sfConfig::get('sf_upload_dir').'/picture/'.$thumbParam['dir'].'/'.$this->produit->getPhoto();
        if (is_file($currentFile)) unlink($currentFile);
    if (!$this->getRequest()->hasErrors() && $this->getRequest()->getFileSize('product[picture]'))
      foreach ($thumbnails as $thumbParam)
        $thumbnail = new sfThumbnail($thumbParam['width'], $thumbParam['height'],true,false); 
        $thumbnail->save(sfConfig::get('sf_upload_dir').'/product/'.$thumbParam['dir'].'/'.$fileName, 'image/jpeg');

As for uploaded files, fenerated thumbnails are not deleted when record is deleted.

by Sylvain PAPET on 2006-10-16, tagged admin  generator  thumbnail