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Change detection for admin generator

This JavaScript code registers a change detection mechanism in every form field and notifies the user about unsaved changes. No changes need to be applied to existing modules/actions. Additionaly, the TinyMCE helper can be changed in order to detect changes there as well.

Only requirement: the links for leaving the page need to be in a container with id "header". This can of course be changed.

Add this to the head of the page (or to an external js-file):

var changesDetected = false;
 * Registers a change detection mechanism that notifies users about unsaved changes whenever they click on a link.
function registerChangeDetection() {
     * Notifies user about unsaved changes
    function notifyAboutChanges(e) {
            //My choice: modal dialog using modalbox (
            //'<div class=\'warning\'><p>Before continuing, you need to save you changes.</p> <input type=\'button\' value=\'Ignore changes\' onclick=\'changesDetected=false;Modalbox.hide()\' style=\'color: #999\' /> <input type=\'button\' value=\'OK\' onclick=\'Modalbox.hide()\' /></div>',  {title: 'Warning', width: 300});
            alert('Before continuing, you need to save your changes.');
            return false;
    /* Add change detection to every form field */
    if(document.forms.sf_admin_edit_form != null) {
        var elements = Form.getElements(document.forms.sf_admin_edit_form);
        elements.each(function(item) {
            item.onchange = function(e) { changesDetected = true; }
    /* Add an onclick handler to every link in the container with id "header" */
    var links = $$('#header a');
    links.each(function(item) {
        if(!(item.onclick instanceof Function)) { //Avoid overwriting existing onclick handlers
            item.onclick = notifyAboutChanges;

Register the change detection in the body tag:

<body onload="registerChangeDetection()">

I also modified the sfRichTextEditorTinyMCE helper in order to use TinyMCE 3 (currently beta). Here is the code relevant to change detection to be put into TinyMCE.init({...}) (Go to for more information):

setup: function(ed) {
    var i = 0;
    ed.onChange.add(function(ed, l) {
        if(i == 0) i++ //Ignore the first change
        else changesDetected = true;
by Michel Weimerskirch on 2007-12-05, tagged admin  changes  detection  generator  javascript  tinymce