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exclude tables from propel-build-schema

The following patch will help you exclude the schema generation of certain tables when running propel-build-schema.

This might come in handy when you use propel-build-schema along with plugin schemas.

edit $sf_symfony_lib_dir/vendor/propel-generator/classes/propel/phing/PropelCreoleTransformTask.php

    protected function createDatabaseNode($dbInfo) {
        $this->log("Processing database");
        $node = $this->doc->createElement("database");
        $node->setAttribute("name", $dbInfo->getName());
        if ($vendorNode = $this->createVendorInfoNode($dbInfo->getVendorSpecificInfo())) {
        global $schema_exclude_pattern;
        $pattern = $schema_exclude_pattern;
        $this->log("Exclude pattern : ".$pattern);
        // create and add table nodes
        foreach($dbInfo->getTables() as $table) {
            if (preg_match($pattern,$table->getName()))
                $this->log("Skipping : ".$table->getName()." ( matches exclude pattern )");
            $tableNode = $this->createTableNode($table);
        return $node;

pattern provided via the $schema_exclude_pattern variable which can be set in config.php (kinda ugly but it works)


// symfony directories
$sf_symfony_lib_dir  = '/bridge/lib/symfony/1.0/lib';
$sf_symfony_data_dir = '/bridge/lib/symfony/1.0/data';
// skips schema creation for tables which name matches the following pattern 
// when executing propel-build-schema
$schema_exclude_pattern = "/^sf_guard.*/i";
by Kostas Papadimitriou on 2007-12-15, tagged creole  database  generation  propel  propelbuildschema  schema 

Including custom partials in admin generator pages

Here is a method i developed to include some custom partials at the end of the edit action of a module which adapts admin generator.

i just added this at the end of editSuccess.php file of my generator theme ($sf_data_dir/generator/sfPropelAdmin/<myCustomTheme>/templates/editSuccess.php)

[?php // include xtra partials ?]
<?php if ($this->getParameterValue('edit.partials')): ?>
$partials = $this->getParameterValue('edit.partials');
foreach( $partials as $partial => $vars ) : ?>
[?php include_partial('<?php echo $this->getModuleName() ?>/<?php echo $partial ?>', array('<?php echo $this->getSingularName() ?>' => $<?php echo $this->getSingularName() ?> <?php foreach ($vars as $var): ?> , '<?php echo $var ?>' => $<?php echo $var; endforeach; ?>)); ?]
<?php endforeach; ?>

then you just have to add the partials in the generator.yml like this :

    partial1: [ var1a, var1b ]
    partial2: [ var2a, var2b ]

where var.. are the variables you want to include in each partial.

this can be easily made for list success also.

by Kostas Papadimitriou on 2007-01-08, tagged admin  custom  generator  include  partial  partials