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Tree Rebuild for sfPropelActAsNestedSetBehaviorPlugin plugin

Tree managed by sfPropelActAsNestedSetBehaviorPlugin plugin can be corrupted. In this case, the left & right value are not well numbered (there is hole in numbering) then some method like retrieveFirstChild() or hasChildren() can return incorrect results.

This is a method that scan all the tree and correct left & right numbering. It modify the left & right number only if necessary. It make at maximum one Select SQL request and one update SQL request by node.

It can work for any subtree of the given node or for entire tree if you give the root node as parameter. Second parameter indicate from which number, the numbering start.

  public static function rebuildSubTree($base_node,$number=1)
    if (is_array($children))
      foreach ($children as $child)
    if($base_node->getLeftValue()!=$left || $base_node->getRightValue()!=$right)
    return $number+1;
by Sylvain PAPET on 2008-02-13, tagged plugin  rebuild  sfpropelactasnestedsetbehaviorplugin  tree 

antispam helper for mailto link

Provide 4 functions which crypt e-mail address with javascript in order to not be captured by spammers robots.

by Sylvain PAPET on 2007-11-19, tagged email  helper  spam 

get cached Thumbnail helper

This helper return path to a generate (and cached) thumbnail for an image and sizes given.

First it checks if the thumbnail as ever been created for the given size. If not, it created it and return the path to the thumbnail. Else, it will only return the path to the thumbnail.

Thumbnails are stored in a sub-directory of the original image named like [width]x[height].

examples : product/foobar.jpg which is 640x480 images - getThumbnail (320x320) will the first time generate the thumbnail "product/320x320/foobar.jpg", and return the path to this image.

parameters : - $image_path should be the path and filename of the image under uploads directory. ex: product/foobar.jpg - $width is the maximal thumbnail width - $height is the maximal thumbnail height

function getThumbnail($image,$width=null,$height=null, $scale = true, $inflate = true, $quality = 75)
    if ($width>0) $thumbnail_dir.=$width;
    if ($height>0) $thumbnail_dir.='x'.$height;
    if ($width>0 || $height>0) $thumbnail_dir.='/';
    if (!file_exists(sfConfig::get('sf_upload_dir').'/'.$image_dir.'/'.$thumbnail_dir.$image_file) && ($width!=null || $height!=null))
      if (!is_dir(sfConfig::get('sf_upload_dir').'/'.$image_dir.'/'.$thumbnail_dir))
        mkdir (sfConfig::get('sf_upload_dir').'/'.$image_dir.'/'.$thumbnail_dir,0777);
      $thumbnail = new sfThumbnail($width, $height,$scale,$inflate,$quality); 
    return '/uploads'.'/'.$image_dir.'/'.$thumbnail_dir.$image_file;

This is very usefull to use it in model like this :

In model :

  public function getThumbnail($width=null,$height=null)
    return getThumbnail('product/'.$this->getImage(),$width,$height);

in template :

<?php foreach ($products as $product) { ?>
<li><?php echo image_tag($product->getThumbnail(150,100)); ?></li>
<?php } ?>

limitation : - work on images of upload directories only (other dir might have permission problem) - the check of thumbnail existance don't take care of scale and inflate values. It is easy to update the code to stored thumbnail in different subdirectory according to these parameters.

by Sylvain PAPET on 2007-09-23, tagged cache  helper  thumbnail 
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Set create default value to filter defined value for a specific field

This is a very usefull and simple tip if you want to defined default value in edit form (only on creation of a new record) with the value that the user defined in the list filter.

An exemple for a product module which define the category select field with the value of the same field in the list filter.


  public function executeEdit ()
    $filters = $this->getUser()->getAttributeHolder()->getAll('sf_admin/product/filters');
    if (!$this->getRequestParameter('product_id', 0) && isset($filters['category_id']))
      $this->product = new Product();
  protected function getProductOrCreate ($product_id = 'product_id')
    if (isset($this->product)) return $this->product;
    else return parent::getProductOrCreate($product_id);
by Sylvain PAPET on 2006-10-20, tagged admin  filter  generator 

ColorPicker Helper

Here is a code for new helper functions : input_color_tag and object_input_color_tag which display a input field. When the focus is on the input a color-picker appear.

See the demo on the bottom of this webpage

2 colorpickers are available by switching the button on the right : a small and simple one, a bigger one like photoshop color picker.

To work, the colorpicker need :

You have to specify in your template or yml config file you want to use this helper php file.

Files are available here (zip files)

by Sylvain PAPET on 2006-10-19, tagged colorpicker  custom  helper 

Upload Image and generate thumbnails with Admin Generator

With admin generator you can have a field specified to be a uploading file. Then as it is written in the doc, you can wirte in your generator.yml :

        name: Picture
        type: admin_input_file_tag
        upload_dir: picture
        params: include_link=picture include_remove=true

Then the file will be uploaded in /upload/picture directory

But maybe you want to restrict the size of the picture or add different files for different picture sizes.

Then this is an easy way to generate thumbnails in subdirectories of the main upload directory specified.

Just add the following method to your action class and adapt :


  protected function updateProductFromRequest()
    $product = $this->getRequestParameter('product');
    $thumbnails[]=array('dir' => '16x16', 'width' => 16, 'height' => 16);
    $thumbnails[]=array('dir' => '32x32', 'width' => 32, 'height' => 32);
    if (!$this->getRequest()->hasErrors() && isset($produit['picture_remove']))
      foreach ($thumbnails as $thumbParam)
        $currentFile = sfConfig::get('sf_upload_dir').'/picture/'.$thumbParam['dir'].'/'.$this->produit->getPhoto();
        if (is_file($currentFile)) unlink($currentFile);
    if (!$this->getRequest()->hasErrors() && $this->getRequest()->getFileSize('product[picture]'))
      foreach ($thumbnails as $thumbParam)
        $thumbnail = new sfThumbnail($thumbParam['width'], $thumbParam['height'],true,false); 
        $thumbnail->save(sfConfig::get('sf_upload_dir').'/product/'.$thumbParam['dir'].'/'.$fileName, 'image/jpeg');

As for uploaded files, fenerated thumbnails are not deleted when record is deleted.

by Sylvain PAPET on 2006-10-16, tagged admin  generator  thumbnail 

make a redirect to module/action of an other application

This snippet show :

* How to redirect to module/action of an other application

* An exemple of adding a view object action in admin generator

There is no method given by Symfony to redirect to module/action of an other application. Redirect method of SfActions permit only to redirect to module/action of the current application or to an url.

In the forum fabien say, it is because applications are independant.

But it could be usefull for a backend (generated with admin generator), to add a new "object_actions" which permit to view the result of a record (an article for e.g.) by redirecting to the article webpage in the frontend.

Then you can add in the Actions class an action method like :

public function executeView() {
// or if the application is not the default application (behind index.php) and the application is named "frontend"
public function executeView() {

To add this action in the backend, add this line to generator.yml :

        _edit: -
        view:  { name : View this article, action: view, icon: backend/view.png }
by Sylvain PAPET on 2006-06-06, tagged generator  redirect