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Set user culture from domain name

This filter tries to set the user culture by reading the domain part of the url. I use it for SEO, giving a different domain for each lang of my site.

Add this to your settings.yml :

       fr:   [.net, .fr,]
       it:   []
       en:   [, .com,]

Order is important : first match will assign the corresponding culture.

Create a lib/filters/domainCultureFilter.class.php file :

class domainCultureFilter extends sfFilter
    public function execute($filterChain)
        $user = $this->getContext()->getUser();
        $request = $this->getContext()->getRequest();
        if (!$request->getParameter('sf_culture'))
            if ($user->getAttribute('first_request', true))
                $user->setAttribute('first_request', false);
                foreach ((array)$domainCulture as $culture=>$domains)
                    foreach ((array)$domains as $domain)
                        $pattern = '/'.$domain.'/';
                        if (preg_match( $pattern ,  $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']) )
                        break 2;
        // Execute next filter

Add the filter to filters.yml :

# insert your own filters here
   class: domainCultureFilter

Comments are very welcome.

by Pierre Bastoul on 2009-04-10, tagged culture  domain  filter