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Support for Multiple Themes / Styles in Symfony

This will allow you to use multiple themes for symfony, each with it's own templates and stylesheets.


Grab the code at GitHub:

New Directory for Templates

The templates have to be stored in sf_root_dir/themes/application/themename/module. A theme named default has to be present. Layouts have to be placed in sf_root_dir/themes/themename/application.



Create stylesheets for your theme. You'll need to create one for each application.


Please include this stylesheets in your themes root directory. They need to be copied into the /web/css folder.

Only Change What You Need

All themes (except default) will load the default-templates if a custom one is not found. This way you just need to create the template files you want to alter.

Apart from that the default-stylesheet will be included if a custom one cannot be found.


Setup a Theme

Just run the ./symfony themed:setup task to setup all themes or ./symfony themed:setup name to setup a specific theme.

by acetous on 2011-07-09, tagged style  template  theme  view 

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#1 qingnian du on 2012-02-13 at 05:48

hello,acetous: I want create a select options for users to change theme which they want show, How to do?

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#2 Denis Casanuova on 2012-05-01 at 07:08

Good work acetous! I work very fine! thanks

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#3 _gangrena_ on 2012-09-24 at 07:12

Hi acetous! Thanks for the snippet. Want to ask what about caching? Did you test it?