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Generic action to save edit-in-place fields

One stumbler for me was that I didn't realize that the form created by the input_in_place_editor_tag() helper only submits one key/value pair (value=xxx), so to tell the action which PK to use or which object field to update, you have to pass that information on the form URL (field and id).

One way to solve it would be to write a different action for each field you want to update, but I wanted something I could reuse without writing additional actions, so I added two GET parameters:

So, in my showSuccess.php template:

<h1 id="eipTitle"><?php echo $comment->getTitle() ? $comment->getTitle() : "click to edit" ?></h1>
<?php echo input_in_place_editor_tag(
    'cols'   => 40,
    'rows'   => 1,

BTW, you can read about the valid options you can pass in the third argument to input_in_place_editor_tag() at the Wiki

And for the action, I made it as generic as possible (actually it would be nice if Propel generated an action like this next to the regular executeUpdate action):

private function raiseEipError ($message) 
    $this->logMessage($message, 'err');
    return $this->renderText( "ERROR:  $message" );
  public function executeAjaxUpdate()
    $id = $this->getRequestParameter('commentid');
    $field = $this->getRequestParameter('field');
    $this->logMessage("commentid:$id and field='$field'", 'debug');
    // Check for required params.  
    // Return a nice message to the user and in the log if there's a problem.
    if (! $field) 
      return $this->raiseEipError( "No field parameter passed in form action" );
    $valid_fields = CommentPeer::getFieldNames(BasePeer::TYPE_FIELDNAME);
    if (! in_array($field, $valid_fields)) 
      return $this->raiseEipError( "Invalid field parameter '$field' passed in form action.\n".
                                   " Valid fields: (" . implode(", ", $valid_fields) . ")" );
    if (! $id) 
      return $this->raiseEipError( "No ID parameter passed in form action" );
    $comment = CommentPeer::retrieveByPk($id);
    if (! $comment) 
      return $this->raiseEipError( "Object with ID $id not found" );
    $comment->setByName($field, $this->getRequestParameter('value'), BasePeer::TYPE_FIELDNAME);
    return $this->renderText( $comment->getByName($field, BasePeer::TYPE_FIELDNAME) );
by whoknows on 2007-05-04, tagged action  ajax  editinplace  form  inputinplaceeditortag  update