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create styled navigation for current view

Often times in my navigation I want to change the style of the "current" tab, link, menu item, etc. to reflect that the user is in fact on that page. In order to do this I created a super simple helper called link_to_styled. I added this code to app/lib/helper/StyleHelper.php:

function link_to_styled($text, $route = '', $options = '', $class_name = 'current') {
    $current_route = sfRouting::getInstance()->getCurrentInternalUri();
    if($route == $current_route) {
        if(is_array($options)) {
            $options['class'] = $class_name;
        } else {
            $options .= ' class='.$class_name;
    return link_to($text, $route, $options);

and then in my global navigation template I do something like this:

<?php use_helper('Style') ?>
<ul id="navlist">
<li><?php echo link_to_styled('My Friends', 'friends/list') ?></li>
<li><?php echo link_to_styled('My Clubs', 'clubs/list') ?></li>
<li><?php echo link_to_styled('My Events', 'events/list')?></li>

The helper will automatically add a class='current' to the link tag. This function could be made more robust, but for a quick and simple solution it seems to do the trick.

by scott meves on 2006-11-02, tagged css  helper  navigation 

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#1 Nicolas CHARLOT on 2006-11-06 at 07:49

It is a usefull tool.

I see quickly 3 problems I've already had :

  1. The "current" state is often applied to li (it's no more a link since we are on it). I don't see simple issue for that think.

  2. It's possible to have more that one class if(is_array($options)) { $options['class'] .= (empty($options['class']) ? '' : ' ') . $class_name; } else { preg_match('/class=/', $options) ? preg_replace('/class="/', ('class="' . $class_name . ' '), $options) : $options .= ' class='.$class_name; }

The syntax has to be verified ;-)

  1. It could be better if the current state should be applied even if the url is not strictly equal. For instance when there are parameters :, or for all actions of a same module For this trick, we can do : if ($route == substr ($current_route, 0, strlen ($route))
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#2 Pierre Minnieur on 2006-11-07 at 05:23

I think you want to have a navigation where the "active" module is having a class name which lets you style that tab as "active", am I right? Then I think you should build a navigation helper which will create a list automatically based on a YAML array and decideds which element has to be set active (I've done that already with AJAX and it's fine for me).